South Koreans started exporting their biracial children after the war, because they were racists.

They quickly added full Korean children to the mass exportation, because of the demand of Americans who wanted to fill their empty nest.

When there were no more orphans left, they continued with the selling of children of the poor, because selling kids is just another way among others to make money.

Since they became rich, they export the babies of single mothers and the babies with special needs like babies with Down syndrome, because they’re incapable of taking care of their own.

South Koreans  have always found “good” reasons to sell their babies to other countries.

Which means they’ve always found good reasons to abandon their babies.
Examples: 1) wife is sick, so husband put up baby for adoption. 2) husband beats wife, so wife abandons baby 3) baby is handicapped, so mother puts him up for adoption. 
Even catching cold or sneezing can be a good reason to abandon a child for adoption.

They are incapable of halting the business of baby export, not even during the time of Covid-19. 


South Koreans can’t stop exporting their babies, not even temporarily. All you need to do to buy  one of their babies during Covid-19 crisis is to do the quarantine. 

They sold over 200,000 babies and children since 1953.

They will continue to sell their children indefinitely, because they’re addicted to the business of baby export.

I was adopted at the age of 9.
I remember the girl I was before being adopted,
She was born to Korean parents.
She was aborted after being deported at the age of 9.
She died so I could be born.

I was born at the age of 9.
I am French Canadian, my parents are Quebecois de souche, can’t you see?
No, I don’t speak nor understand Chinese. I speak French and English.
I’m not really Korean, I don’t speak Korean.

I’m a stranger in someone else’s body with its memories.
I remember she knew who she was.
I’m white in an Asian body.
I don’t know who I am.

The 3 me’s on legal paper


Me 1: MyungSook Kim born in April, on the 7th page of my family registry (On the first page is the name of my father, the family chief and on the following pages are the names of my mother, my siblings, my brother-in-law, and other relatives).

Me 2: MyungSook Kim born in November, on my orphan family registry (made by Holt adoption agency), the chief family is me, I am born to unknown father and mother.

Me 3: Kim Goudreau born in November, daughter of two Quebeckers, on my birth certificate.


I miss you

I miss you so much that I’m

Awake while sleeping
Starving while eating
Thirsty while drinking
Suffocating while breathing
Sad while laughing
Homesick while at home

I feel homesick there, I feel homesick here.
I feel homesick everywhere.
I feel homesick when I’m at home.

I feel homesick but home doesn’t exist.

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