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If I have to follow the reasoning of my adoptive mother who often claimed that my arrival day was just like giving birth to me, I should say that I nearly had been aborted…

Holt Korea sent me to the USA with the following visa for the purpose of adoption,


with the date of bearer’s return crossed off to ensure the girl #K-6714 be gone permanently.

But the US-immigration said this visa was not valid. My entry to the US was illegal!

Was the visa faked? No.
Why then? Because the would-be parents were not US-citizens; they were living in the States, but they were actually Canadian citizens.

How did such illegality happen?

Some people are ready to do anything to get the children of others, when they can’t have their own. Money helps to get what they can’t have. My adopters were not different. They lied about their citizenships.

The adoption agencies that sell them children work as if they are selling products. Like any other business, as long as they get paid, they don’t care to know who is buying their product or what happens to their sold product. Holt agency was not different. They didn’t check the truthfulness of their declaration.

They sent them the following letter saying they have reviewed their adoption application


“Reviewed” is a too strong word here. A honest letter would have been, “we have received your adoption application. We also got your initial payment of 75$, so everything is fine and everything will be fine if you pay.”

Since my entry to the US was illegal, the US immigration wanted to deport me back to Korea. It would have been like an abortion for my adoptive mother.

After a long negociation, the US immigration allowed me to stay in their country, for the purpose of Humanitarian Consideration of Case,


for one year…


Since my purchasers weren’t allowed to adopt me in USA, they moved back to their homeland with me six months after my arrival. (Adapt, Adjust, Accept, girl K-6714!)

Holt didn’t care to check the citizenships of the clients who bought their product #K-6714; they didn’t care to check where the product #K-6714 ended up.

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