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Maternity homes ran by adoption agencies in Korea and elsewhere and baby factories in Nigeria are not much different from each other. Both are set up and ran by greedy people motivated by the prospect of gaining money. Both benefit from the stigma against single mothers. In a society that shuns and looks down on single mothers, both are the only places where single pregnant women can turn to. Both encourage or force the pregnant women to give up their newborns. Both sell babies. Both have as main clients childless couples. The only difference between them is that a maternity home is legal and has the approval of the government and the society while a baby factory is illegal. A maternity home ran bay an adoption agency is a legal baby factory. Adoption agencies are legal child trafficking orgnisations.

Baby factory in Nigeria [link]


A maternity home run by an adoption agency in Korea

Seventeen of South Korea’s 25 unwed mothers’ maternity homes are adoption agency owned and operated.[link] By 2015, adoption agencies in Korea will no longer be allowed to establish or to run maternity homes.

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