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You sent me away with an escort and an identification bracelet on each of my wrists.

K-6714 was written on the bracelets.

My name  was also written on  one, the names of strangers were written on the other, but I didn’t know it was my name until the escort read it aloud, for it was written in a foreign language which since then has became my second language.

I loved my name which was chosen for me with love by my mom.

Now I loathe that Asian name  for it doesn’t fit me and sounds foreign to my Quebec ears. I still love my real name when I loathe  my adopted self that took the place of my real self.

I wanted to keep the bracelets  so that I could show them to my friends when I would return home, but I lost my bracelets at the aiport.

I treasured everything I came with from my country — the bag, the New Testament, the Children’s Songs book and the dictionary you gave me,  the clothes and the shoes I wore which I also received from you, and all my gifts I received from others.

I wanted to keep them all for the day I would return home. I wanted to keep them for my friends as a souvenir of my trip to “Miguk”, the country we had spoken of so much as if it was a country of fairy tales.

But the country of fairy tales tourned out to a country of nightmares.

And I never returned home, not until many years later as if I was a tourist.

“What therefore God has joined together, let no man put asunder” is written in the New Testament you gave me before sending me away.

Yet you put asunder my family and me whom God had joined together, you separated me from my country to which God had joined me.

You sent me away with a visa with the line for the date of bearer’s return completly crossed out.

You kicked me out of my own country as a product of adoption #K-6714.


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