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in other parts of the world, parents still wait for return of their stolen children

guatemalaclick on the image to enlarge it

After five-year search and a hunger strike, mom seeks return of daughter from US [link]
Searching Mothers protest in front of Guatemala’s National Palace. [link]

“The Attorney General’s Office (PGN) of Guatemala has received 22 reports of stolen children in seven months, indicating that trade in illegal adoption continues to grow despite the regulations, and also highlights an even more disturbing phenomenon: the use of children for organ trafficking. According to the attorney of the Child of the PGN, Erick Cardenas, most of the stolen babies are sold for illegal adoption or for their organs. Cardenas said the hospital workers, including doctors and midwives often are involved in the illegal business, helping criminal networks to obtain fake birth certificates for newborns” From InSight Crime.

Recommended book: Finding Fernanda by Erin SiegalĀ  McIntire.

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