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My orphanage was ran by Catholic nuns. All children would become catholic in a short time regardless of their family background. (Children who came from Catholic families like me would become more catholic).

The adoption agency that sold me for adoption was ran by Protestants.

Catholics are not saved according to protestants, and vice versa. But they get along pretty well when comes the time to make money from selling a child for adoption.

I was told by Molly Holt (the daughter of the founder of Holt agency) that they promised the nuns I would be placed in a Catholic home, that’s why I was adopted into a Catholic home, but they prayed for each child to meet their Lord Jesus before placing a child.

I don’t know if it was the power of their prayer, but my adoptive father converted to Protestantism (he became a born again Christian, they said) four years after my adoption. At the same time he became a born again Christian he started abusing me secretly. My adoptive mother also became a born again Christian a few months later while becoming an alcoholic.

Christians are removing children from their poor families to sell them to Christian families.

Christians are separating babies from their unwed moms (because the self-righteous man says that it’s improper to have a child outside of marriage).

Christians are adopting/buying those children to “save” them (because it’s so easier to indoctrinate a child than to convert an adult).

Adoption is a modern way of evangelising the world.

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I have lost many loved ones in my life.

It began with the passing of my grandmother followed the next day by the passing of my mother when I was 6 years old.

Three years and a few months later I lost my entire family because of adoption.

I have lost many loved ones (adoptive family members, friends and a dog) to death thereafter.

I was reunited with my natural family after 27 years of separation. I’ve learned my father and brother died during the years of separation. The reunion ended up with another separation due to the distance, language and culture barrier.

My cat died after having lived 16 years with me. He was the only living thing I had for 12 years. He stayed with me 8 years more than my natural family and 4 years more than my adoptive family had stayed with me.

I felt a deep pain everytime I lost someone.

In my experiences losing a loved one because of adoption is an everlasting grief and it’s like if the person is dying everyday, while losing a loved one because of death is a temporary grief.

Yet when you lose someone because of adoption, people tell you that you’re lucky and you shoud be grateful, while when you lose someone because of death, they offer you their condolences.

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